Wait! 3 Great Final Attempts at Retaining Customers

stop wide

Every brand hates to see a subscriber go, but few make the effort to win back potential unsubscribers before they click that dreaded button for the final time. Most requests to unsubscribe are just met with a dull, lifeless “Are you sure?” prompt before the request goes through. Not only is this boring, it also gives unsubscribers who might be having second thoughts no reason to reconsider. There’s no plea, no options to adjust subscription levels…nothing to make them change their mind. Not all brands are satisfied with this though, and we’ve found three who are willing to beg you to take them back. Check them out.


wrike unsub

This task management system isn’t afraid to plead to get you to stay, and they aren’t afraid to use cute kittens either. In addition to this imagery, they give subscribers incentive to stay connected (“won’t overload your inbox,” “fantastic productivity tips”), as well as the option to opt back in to the email list.

Gaiam TV

gaiam unsub

The Gaiam TV service provides subscribers with hours of health, fitness and wellness videos to educate and inspire them. Their subscribers are very important to them, so if one should choose to unsubscribe, they’re quick to respond and attempt to fix any problems. Not only do they encourage customers to reach out to customer service via phone or email, they assure them they’ll be able to re-subscribe at any time. Their yogi vowing to “bend over backwards to make you stay” is nice, brand-centric encouragement, too.


fab unsub

The brand with the most personality infused into its unsubscribe prompt, by far, is Fab. The heartbroken copy and the option to let subscribers change their email frequency helps subscribers reconsider hitting that big red “unsubscribe” button. Having all of the email blast lists, themes and days laid out also ensures that they will be understood easily and that users can customize them quickly according to their preferences.

In order to get subscribers in the first place, you need to sell them on what you’re sending. Find inspiration in these four undeniable newsletter signup boxes.

Stop sign image courtesy of Infrogmation.