A Mom’s Roundup of Noise Cancelling Headphones for Babies

When I was asked to create a roundup of noise cancelling headphones for babies I did a double take. Was I dreaming, or had Silicon Valley actually created a product that will improve my life?!?

Noise cancelling headphones for babies. As a new mom still toughing it out in the city, one of the hardest things to deal with is taking my kiddo to places that are really designed for adults. And since I can’t get matching headphones (check out this list of best Bluetooth earbuds), between garbage trucks smashing, jack hammering, and sirens blaring I really feared for my 3-month old’s hearing. Of course, stats almost never help new moms feel better about their life choices…

Noise Cancelling Headphones for Babies

NIOSH (a government agency that studies hearing safety among other things) notes that it only takes 15 minutes of exposure to noise over 100 decibels to damage an infant’s ears. Their young hearing is also more sensitive than adults, and to top it off they can’t communicate what’s happening outside of crying. That terrifies me as I want to take Emma with us everywhere, and sometimes simply can’t.

Try as we might, there is no spot outside of our apartment where little Emma is shielded from harsh noise. Not to be dramatic, but this fact has been making me super guilty about even taking her for walks.

So in a fluster I went to work researching the best approach to this article. In the end, for me to be happy with my noise cancelling headphones for babies recommendations I needed a few conditions to be met:

  • Safe – This one may be a no brainer, but noise cancelling headphones for babies aren’t going to be effective if Emma isn’t safe when wearing them. Avoid small parts, cords (even tangle free headphones), and other standard dangers. Earplugs and even the best wireless earbuds are no good either. They are too big for small ears and present a huge choking hazard.
  • Works as Advertised – Did Emma show any signs of pain or discomfort outside of the norm like crying or facial distress?
  • Affordable – let’s be honest here, these aren’t going to be a lifelong investment. And like other baby products, my hope is that she will grow out of the need for them altogether. So spending over $50 is off the table.common sounds harmful to infants

Armed with my foolproof system and the desperate longing to rid myself of guilt, I turned to the Internet (which has been a life saver since Emma was born) to uncover the best noise cancelling headphones for babies so you don’t have to. Besides, we’ve all got enough going on, right?

1. MonkeyBusiness Infant and Baby Hearing Protection – $44.99

noise cancelling headphones for babies


New for 2018! Noise canceling ear protection for babies age 0-15 months: $44.99 at endive.com with free shipping.

The MonkeyBusiness ear protectors are rated for newborns up to 15 months. They’re super easy to put on and take off thanks to a soft, velcro band that keeps the detachable, padded ear cups in place while you are out and about. It’s these little touches that tell me MonkeyBusiness was developed by actual mothers. They also come in a couple of color options depending on your preference.

MonkeyBusiness Noise Cancelling Headphones for Babies Review

Mom’s Loves ❤️

  • The soft, elastic band on the MonkeyBusiness muffs is a quality innovation designed to fit snugly around your baby’s head without going over the crown. It’s an interesting way to do this, and seems like it’s also going to keep Emma warmer during the cold months.
  • The MonkeyBusiness noise cancelling headphones for babies are super lightweight. In fact, out of all the products I looked at, these were the lightest. That makes taking them with you so much easier on a long day.
  • In addition, the ear cups are detachable and discreet, which means they easily fit into my larger tote so I can pop them on and off Emma with no worries.
  • The materials feel strong and sturdy, and the headband and ear cups are super soft, so I have no issues with keeping them on Emma for an extended period. I’ve also given MonkeyBusiness as a gift (and will continue to do so in the future).

Mom’s Mehs 🤔

  • Womp womp… Only two colors. While that may seem like a small nit to pick, the fact that these only have two colors was kind of a let down. Who says you can’t protect your baby’s hearing and look good doing it?

2. Baby Bear Noise Blocking Headphones

noise cancelling headphones for babies gift

Price Rating: $$$ Now on Alpha XR featuring free 2-day Prime delivery.

The Baby Bear headphones are a good all around option, protecting baby’s hearing with a more premium look and feel. The nearly 100 customer reviews are all stellar, which gave me confidence in ordering a pair.

Baby Bear Noise Cancelling Headphones for Babies Review

Mom’s Loves ❤️

  • Each pair of Baby Bears come with a lovely dust bag that allows for sanitary storage. That’s nice to know as I am constantly paranoid about germs and Emma’s sensitive areas like her eyes and ears.
  • The Baby Bears come in two different sizes for 3+ months and 7+ months, which is great to know. Of course, the downside is you need to buy 2 separate sizes if you want to keep kiddo’s young ears protected year 1.

Mom’s Mehs 🤔

  • There’s still only one color, and like the BEBE Muff’s, the Baby Bears have that industrial, factory worker, pilot look to them. Actually, I just had a genius idea to reuse these as part of a Halloween costume. Frantically scribbles down notes.

3. Baby Banz Infant Hearing Protection

noise cancelling headphones for babies bright colors

Price Rating: $$$ Now on Alpha XR featuring free 2-day Prime delivery.

The cool moms buy Baby Banz. That’s the takeaway after seeing 12 colors and trying to pick out which I like the best. An amazing 2,200 customer reviews, many questions answered, and a nearly perfect rating make Baby Banz a simple choice.

Baby Banz Noise Cancelling Headphones for Babies Review

Mom’s Loves ❤️

  • FINALLY, COLORS! That’s right sister, you can do the right thing and look good doing it. The Baby Banz come in an amazing assortment of colors, 12 in all. While some are more… basic than others, you still get a choice. I like to think I’m a stylish new mom, and the color options help match my ever changing taste in accessories (wood headphones anybody?).
  • Super squishy material feels softer than other models, meaning Emma’s head was cradled more snugly in the Baby Banz. While that may not seem like a huge benefit, it was comforting to me that these were not irritating her skin in any way.

Mom’s Mehs 🤔

  • No design innovations outside of the color options mean that you get the basic thing, and that’s it. Noise cancelling headphones for babies folks, and nothing more.
  • When ordering from Amazon, I noticed some colors are out of stock or take a week to ship. Mine actually arrived sooner than that, but Baby Banz may not be the best for last second needs.

4. Em’s 4 Bubs Hearing Protection

noise cancelling headphones for babies elastic strap

Price Rating: $$ Now on Alpha XR featuring free 2-day Prime delivery.

While the name may be a little wonky, Em’s 4 Bubs are a solid product with a unique design feature. I like these the most of all of our reviews because of the snugness and warmth of the soft elastic headband. With just a few color options, you do have some style choice as well.

Em’s 4 Bubs Noise Cancelling Headphones for Babies Review

Mom’s Loves ❤️

  • You get a couple of options that look unbelievably cute. There’s a rugged boy baby look, plus ultra-girly option. Not much in between though, so you do have to pick between Rambo and Barbie.
  • Expandable for a fit up to 18 months is nice to know, as ears are most sensitive during the first 18 months of infancy.

Mom’s Mehs 🤔

  • Really just a cheaper version of the MonkeyBusiness brand, and does not include the velcro strap or soft ear pieces. If you can afford the extra $20, I would definitely recommend going with MonkeyBusiness.
  • If the soft elastic band isn’t your thing, I’m sorry to say there is no over head option.