How To Access Custom Campaign Info in Google Analytics

Google Analytics Custom Campaigns

With so much data lost in the black hole that is “not provided,” appending links has become a necessity for digital marketers. Google URL Builder makes the appending process easy, slapping a bit of extra text onto the end of each link to identify the platform from which each user originated. And the Google URL Builder extension for Chrome keeps that functionality right at your fingertips.

But what use is data if you can’t get your hands on it? Follow this quick tutorial to access all of the Google Analytics data from your custom campaign URLs.

Once you log in to your Google Analytics account, look to the lefthand column where you’ll select Traffic Sources > Sources > Campaigns. To dig deeper into the campaign info, click on the Secondary Dimension dropdown and look for the datapoint you’d like to sort by — source and medium data are both collected by Google URL Builder.

GA Campaign Info

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