How Challenger Brands Use Product Ambassadors to Boost Sales

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Tips to Execute a Winning Product Ambassador Program

A GoPro accessory manufacturer used smart positioning combined with an aggressive product ambassador program to increase ecommerce sales by nearly 70% in 2016 using our Brand Ambassador Directory as a jumping off point. With smart selection of product ambassadors and a focus on content, the brand is set to challenge some of the largest players in the space. Read on for top tips on how to build a program for the long term. Looking to become a paid product or brand ambassador? Check out our tips on how to become a paid brand ambassador.

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1. Don’t recruit at the top of the market

Product ambassadors, brand ambassadors, and social media influencers can be expensive. That’s why going to the most famous and well-recognized players isn’t always the best solution. Instead, try to find passionate content creators or personalities who don’t already have a massive following. Passionate communities are often where the largest lifestyle brands like lululemon begin.

2. Don’t settle for anything but the most passionate product ambassadors

The best product ambassadors want to work with you as much as you want to work with them. If you feel the need to convince or “sell” them on your value proposition, you might be barking up the wrong tree. Try to quickly skip those who aren’t already super excited about the idea of your product, and you’ll save yourself headache later.

3. Establish license over product ambassador content

Nobody likes working with lawyers (except other lawyers), and when you get contracts and signatures involved it can gum up a smooth process. But it’s important to get permission and hold license over your product ambassador content. You’ll want to use it in social ads, presentations, and other marketing materials. You can make the process easier for tech-centric ambassadors by using electronic signature services like DocuSign.

4. Leverage novel ad units in social networks to do the heavy lifting

While it may not seem intuitive, mixing product ambassador content with your own branded social media property is a highly efficient way to win targeted traffic. Novel ad units like Facebook Canvas, Native News Feed Video, and Instagram Image Galleries help showcase unique content. Pair that with sharing and engagement from the start by your loyal product ambassador team and it’s a recipe for low cost per click metrics paired with high sales.

5. Track and measure results

As content is delivered, make sure product ambassadors have unique offer codes, discount codes, and links so their activity can be measured on the back end. Knowing which product ambassadors actually generate sales allows you to make decisions about who to bring closer to the brand, and who to cut ties with. It’s hard after a relationship has been built, but necessary for the continued success of the program.