Find Instagram Influencers: How to Start Marketing on Instagram

The best way to find Instagram influencers starts with some of the same tried and true tactics marketers have used for over a century. Yep, I’m talking about good old direct response marketing. To find Instagram influencers with an engaged following you should start with our Brand Ambassador Directory. It’s updated every quarter with only the most engaged macro and micro influencers open to collaborating with brands. Included is all the information you’ll need to find Instagram influencers that are a perfect match for your goals. After that it’s all about reaching out and exploring the new relationship!

Micro influencers represent a new and better Instagram marketing

Micro influencers represent the best opportunity for challenger brands to reach consumers. Adweek notes a 60 percent higher Instagram influencer campaign engagement rate driven by micro-influencers with 30,000 or fewer followers. Those campaigns are 6.7 times more efficient per engagement than influencers with larger followings on a dollars spent basis. Finally micro-influencers drive 22.2 times more weekly conversations than the average consumer.

find Instagram influencers

If you are facing bigger competition or can’t afford thousands in fees paid out per post you may feel like you are out of the running. Recent information on influencer fees per post seems to support the story. That’s simply a function of working the right people. Let’s continue the detailed discussion on how to find Instagram influencers.

Find Instagram influencers the old fashioned way

Once you have a list of Instagram influencers compiled it’s time to reach out. Just because you have the list does not mean you have found the right fit for your brand! One of the most annoying things about Instagram for marketers can be the lack of professionalism. Most influencers don’t list contact information directly in their profile. That means marketers have to resort to using the Direct Message feature of the platform. It’s hard to keep track when you have to send out a hundred or more outreach messages.

If you can get email addresses from a database or through your own research it will save headache. If not you can also check out our instructional on how to use Instagram on a desktop computer in the Chrome browser or learn about the best influencer marketing case studies. At least that way you can use a full keyboard to type out those long and personalized outreach messages.

Find Instagram influencers working with other brands

Learning about your competition may mean finding influencer marketing case studies with impact. By targeting influencers who already work with non-competitive brands you guarantee a quick and to the point conversation. These influencers understand what you are trying to accomplish and may be open to working with you in some capacity (if they like what you stand for). Here’s a sample outreach template to help you find Instagram influencers more quickly.



Our newest push into Instagram is getting off to a great start, but we want more momentum. As a brand we are looking to grow our relationships by meeting and learning about quality content creators like you!

I’m reaching out to you and several other creators that I think are great fits for our brand. Your name is on my list, because I truly feel your tone and style are great fits for our mission.

You can check us out at YOUR WEBSITE. I would love your opinion on our brand and how we present it to customers. If you do have interest in exploring more, you can reach me at CONTACT INFO.

I hope this can be the start of a longer relationship. If you have a friend that makes great social content, feel free to pass my message along as well.

Talk soon!