Durable Headphones That Stand Up to Anything

durable headphonesThat’s right: Durable headphones aren’t a fantasy. There’s no doubt that the average lifespan of headphones is a year at best. We managed to find and test a few products with unusual resilience. And thats pretty awesome in a world of frayed cords, broken speakers, and damage from moisture. Let’s conveniently ignore the fact that smartphones change plug types every few months and check out the roundup!

Have a habit of crushing headphones accidentally? No more. You’ll be hard pressed to snap what are some of the most durable headphones we have ever seen. Other benefits include increased sound amplification and a generally cool design that will turn heads.

1. Zipbuds’ SLIDE Sport reigns supreme in the land of durable headphones

Durable headphones can come in many shapes and sizes. And in this case¬†Zipperless Zipper Cabling that prevents headphones from tangling. The earbud format is particularly nice due to lightweight and generally hassle-free design. But smaller can mean more fragile. Thankfully you won’t find many downsides here. Zipbuds’ SLIDE Sport are capable and durable headphones with plenty of power in the high ranges and lower bass frequencies.

The tangle-free cord design offers the added benefit of avoiding the hot mess that erupts after throwing most corded headphones into a bag. Added features include a huge variety of colors to choose from and a bulletproof warranty.

2. Senso’s Durable Headphones add a carrying case to the mix

Senso is making a name for low cost yet high quality products. In a world where searching for durable headphones can yield thousands upon thousands of bad eggs we’ll take good enough when we see it. Senso’s wireless headphones are a high quality product in a small package. The Bluetooth earbud form factor offers reasonably great sound quality including bass that is surprisingly deep. While not as impressive as Bluetooth earbuds in higher price ranges or as long lasting as our Bluetooth earbuds selected for battery life, they are a good mix of all worlds.

The ruggedized carrying case with the look of carbon fiber is included. While that may not be a game changer it is an added benefit that stops wear and tear from bags and purses. We all know that keys can be murder to headphone cables! Sweatproofing is also standard here as with the other models in this list.

3. TaoTronics offers a unique design that may not be for everybody

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. With TaoTronics durable headphones that’s certainly true. The headphones upstart is consistently rated one of the best by consumers. That’s a good place to start, because if the unique look of their Sport model is right for you these may be your favorite in our roundup. Touting a sweat in style mantra, TaoTronics promised long batter life and superior sound quality. In our experience that’s partially true.

At this price point for headphones you’re going to have to make some sacrifices. The overall sound is excellent for the price category, while the unique ear hooks keep them from slipping off or out of your ear. Kudos to TaoTronics for making a more than acceptable compromise between form and function.

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