Air France Leverages Culinary Influencers to Drive Luxury Sales

Air France Social Media Strategy

Air France has long been catering to Millennial luxury travelers with a half a million strong Instagram following and reliance on quirky, fun imagery mixed with product messaging. In their latest move to deliver a more authentic and local experience, the brand has partnered with Babette de Rozières, a celebrated Guadeloupean chef.

The brand ambassador program focuses on injecting traditional Caribbean cuisine on select luxury routes and is the latest move to leverage superstar chef brand equity. The multi-award winning chef, culinary TV host, author, and restaurateur has created three unique dishes that will be rotated throughout the program.

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The dishes are colorful, engaging, and practically guaranteed to be showing up on Instagram influencers accounts any moment now. The program itself was created and is being run at a relatively low cost thanks to support from partners including the Guadeloupe Islands Tourist Board. It’s a simple, but shoe-in case study on how a global brand can deliver added authenticity and social engagement in local markets.